CABEL T-B 1988-1990
Recordings of "Deca 3" (21-30)

"Extended Session"
    This was the 4th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The recordings for this production began in August of 1988 with most of the clips being made while still at the old radio station at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  However, like with "On Location" in 1987, this production was not actually completed until after the move was done on 10-8-88 to the new Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana (many more recordings would follow very quickly, a grand total of 10, which is the most recordings of any single Cabel T-B studio in history; it is also a location that no longer exists and has since become a parking lot!).  It is called "Extended Session", subtitled "Up to the limit coverage!", because even though Cabel T-B was no longer broadcasting, Dino and Devin wanted to continue doing recordings, thus these recording sessions were extended beyond just the recordings of official Cabel T-B broadcasts.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first recording in the new "production era" (which would be a total of 8 recordings), first recording with "Dirty Devin" as Dino's "right hand man" (although Devin has been with Cabel T-B since "On Location 2", he was not featured as much as Ray and Lee in the recordings until now), last recording with "Live Lee" (Lee tries to pick a fight with Devin at some point during this recording, forcing Dino to eventually choose between the two for his "right hand man" position), first appearance of "William (Willem/Satan) McCormick" (later to become the official Cabel T-B guitarist from 1992-2008!), first and last appearance of Dino's girlfriend (at the time) "Jackie Nelson", and last clips recorded at "Evergreen" (the secret taped interview with "The Ferry"!).  The recording starts with an announcement of a move to "Wolff Parkway" and a news flash about Wolfman, Shep, Jobe, and Fred.  After accounting for just about everyone, we are then taken away with Howard to meet Jobe and his family on Jobe's starship.  After almost falling out of my chair laughing, the recording gets serious at HLB as a fight between Live Lee and Dirty Devin over Krazy Kelly changes Cabel T-B forever (this would be the last official recording with Live Lee because of this incident)!  Then a barrage of "crank calls" as well as other "on location" recordings and "interviews" are hurled at you for the rest of the tape.  The recording then ends with the announcement of a possible "Extended Session 2".  *This recording is also mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" in Chapter 16 "The First Anniversary of The Gold Eagle".  One clip from this recording is included in the audio book versions produced in 2018.

Overall, this recording shows promise that perhaps there is still some good stuff left in Cabel T-B after all!  The recording is fast paced and in some places confusing, but all in all a refreshing change from the downward spiral that was the recordings after "Crazy Clips #1".  With "Dirty Devin" and "Dynamite Dino" taking center stage, the material becomes much more entertaining as opposed to the old non consistent banter between Lee and Dino in the later part of 1987.  As the contract with "President Ronny" (me) nears the expiration date, Cabel T-B does manage to make one last recording for the year 1988.

"Extended Session 2"
    This was the 5th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 11-21-88 and was completed on 12-31-88 11:59 p.m. at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  However, this production had one last extension added by Ronny (me) on 1-7-89 (I couldn't let it end on such a sad note) to make it a completely filled tape.  It is called "Extended Session 2", subtitled "The end of the era....?", because this recording would continue where the previous one ended and it is also the end of Cabel T-B's recording contract with Ronny (although I wanted to have another 6 year contract with Cabel T-B, Dino simply wanted to try recordings on his own "for now"; thus Cabel T-B would have no president from 1989-1990 and wouldn't have a president again until "Crazy Clips #2" in 1991).  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first Devin as "co-host" of a Cabel T-B recording (a "co-host" is second only to Dino in Cabel T-B "rank" and usually contributes heavily to the material), first and last recordings made in Baton Rouge and Thibodeaux (Louisiana), first appearance of Krazy Kelly and Crappy Jack since the "On Location" series, last New Year's countdown recorded (since the contract was up at midnight, Cabel T-B recorded until the very last second!), and last recording with Ronny (me) as president of Cabel T-B in the 1980s' (I would have loved to continue being the president, it just wasn't in the cards back then).  What is not mentioned in any great detail in this recording is the terms of Ronny's (my) recording contract with Cabel T-B (although a copy of this contract is included as "bonus photos" in the 2002 CD version of this recording).  The terms were basically "no more broadcasts after 7-4-88", which was ended a day early because of Jobe, and "all recordings must be completed by the end of the day on 12-31-88".  With Cabel T-B no longer willing to do another 6 year contract with Ronny (me), this recording was to be Cabel T-B's very last.  The recording begins with Dino and Devin doing the intro and witty dialogues.  Then some more of those classic "crank calls" that seem to be getting better and better.  After about half way through the first side, the recording switches to an interview with Krazy Kelly in a mall in Baton Rouge (this is perhaps the funniest Dino and Kelly dialogue up to this point).  After some brief recordings in Thibodeaux (at 120 Parlange in Thibodeaux, Louisiana) with Crappy Jack, we are brought back to Houma with Ricky Clark ending the first side.  The second side starts off with Dino and Wolfman talking about the first "Cabel T-B shirt" and then putting on some more never before heard clips from 1987.  The recording then abruptly switches to the New Year's countdown to 1989 and a final farewell from the cast and crew of Cabel T-B.  Unlike the countdown to 1987, this was a sad occasion since the contract was now officially up and Ronny's (my) equipment had to be turned off (I let Cabel T-B use everything till the very last second and even sold some of the recording equipment to Dino after this recording, at a super discount price, hehe).  Fortunately, the now former president of Cabel T-B, Ronny (me), decided to finish the last 8 minutes himself on 1-7-89 with clips from the unreleased "Jobe Zone" series (that unofficial Cabel T-B "side project" was also recorded under my contract and therefor was mine to do with as I pleased, hehe).

Overall, this was probably the best Cabel T-B recording of 1988.  It started off strong with efforts to get everyone recorded one last time before the contract expired.  Even Krazy Kelly was on her best behavior; talking about her now former boyfriend Dirty Devin.  A quick comment from Crappy Jack and the once again "special guest" Ricky Clark, gave this recording what "Jumpin Back 2" was lacking, which was a feeling that this was really "The End".  Fortunately for us, it was not the end, and in fact was not even the halfway point!  With Cabel T-B off the air, Ronny (me) no longer president or investor, the studio moved into a bad neighborhood, and Dino still stuck in a "stuck-up" private school, there's only one thing left for him to do... go "insane" again in the next recording!

"Crazy Clips #2"
    This was the 6th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 2-18-89 and was completed on 2-28-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Crazy Clips #2", subtitled "Reign of the Insane", because this recording would continue using the same insane recording style used in "Crazy Clips #1" and even take it a step further!  It was recorded on a 60 minute chrome tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first "Kon-fu-f*ck-flick", and first "Jobe and Freddy" adventures since "Crazy Clips #1" in 1987.  The recording begins with an insane intro by Dino ushering in another totally perverted edition of this controversial series.  After some more crazy TV samples (like the first "Crazy Clips"), Dino introduces a new Cabel T-B "exclusive" known as "Kon-fu-f*ck-flick".  Soon after, it's time for "Crazy Clips" to take on a "whole movie" entitled "Friday the 13th XXX".  The pace of this recording gets faster and faster with the second side being introduced by the now infamous "Freddy Cougar".  Violence and hard-core perversion ensues as Freddy and Jobe take on "Cunt", "Jane Fondle", and "P.T." in their latest adventures (with some more torturing of "The Ferry" and "Melancon").  This is followed by the most outrageous "Warm-up drill" I've ever heard up to this point!  *A bonus clip of the "Warm-up drill" is included in the audio book version of "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" produced in 2018!  With barely any time to catch your breath after hearing "Star Truck the ultimate F*ck", this sped up recording ends with thanks to all the characters that participated including: Jobe, Freddy Cougar, Howard, Fabulous Fred, Cheeko, Tieron, Wolfman, Shep, and "the perfect timing" of Dirty Devin Crawford! *Some of this recording is mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" in Chapter 3 "The Blood Song".  One clip from this recording is included in the audio book versions produced in 2018.

Overall, this recording is down right funny and a good addition to this infamous series.  Even though this recording took place in a totally different studio and almost two years after the first "Crazy Clips", one can not tell just by listening.  This is a good thing and just what Cabel T-B needed to prove that they could make it on their own without Ronny (me) or that extra financial support (I never doubted for a second that they would be able to eventually make it on their own).  Not to mention, the "Warm-up drill" on this recording was possible the funniest one ever recorded, in my opinion.  Cabel T-B appears to be back with a roar, but this was just a continuation of an already established series.  The next recording is more of an experiment, gone horribly wrong, as Cabel T-B continues to evolve in the "new era" proving that there is "still room for more".

"Still Room for More!"
    This was the 7th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 5-20-89 and was completed on 5-31-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Still Room for More!", subtitled "Double your Perversion", because this recording was to answer the question asked by "Extended Session 2", which was written on the inside of the tape case saying "the era has ended.... still room for more?".  The subtitle refers to the fact that this recording is extra long.  It was recorded on a 90 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first 90 minute recording (the third longest Cabel T-B recording behind "Crazy Clips #5", which was recorded on a 100 minute tape, and "Volume 50" which was a 2 CD set making a total of 157+ minutes), first and last "Pervert Monks", first and last "Cabel T-B press conference", first and last appearance of "Hairy Brow" (with the exception of a cameo appearance in "Double Deca"), first full length Cabel T-B song called "Johnny Adventure" (a version with the same title was recorded again on "Going down the Toilet" in 1992), and last mention of Ronny (me) and "Cabel S-C" (although I would also make a brief appearance in "Double Deca" with other past Cabel T-B characters in the song "Dirty Old Bitch" and would come back as president many years later in 2004).  The recording begins once again with the two Cabel T-B "greats" Dino and Devin "on location" at the mall with witty comments and news about "Crappy Jack".  Then back and forth from brief recordings with Crappy Jack and Steven Snapper Duet, then back to the mall again with Dino, Devin, and Ricky Clark.  This goes on for 22 minutes, then the "music" section begins.  Unfortunately, most of it is from a radio comedy show that is NOT "Cabel T-B".  The few original songs are not exactly like the ones they make later on but are better than the ones they have made before this recording (this includes the first original full length Cabel T-B song).  After finally being saved from almost terminal boredom, the second side of the tape starts off the "Phone Wars" with Devin and Dino doing some of the funniest "crank calls" ever recorded!  Unfortunately, the recording eventually goes into the last section called "Dramatics", which basically uses new equipment and techniques that do not work very well, in my opinion.  The "Dramatics" section is a very boring series of interviews and recordings, with the exception of the recording with Jobe and Tieron, that explains what is happening to Cabel T-B, Ronny (me), and MAC.  Apparently Ronny (me) is now running "Cabel S-C" (the ancient rival radio station of Cabel T-B) and MAC still works for him (I admit now it was a bad idea; "Cabel S-C" went under shortly after this recording).  *The events leading up to the end of "Cabel S-C" were recorded in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" in Chapter 1 "The Doberman Assault".  The recording then ends with some funny words from the sponsors (mainly Fabulous Fred).  On the 2002 CD version, there was many "bonus tracks" because of the amount of extra space on the 2 CDs used (35 minutes remained on both CDs).  Some of the bonus tracks were from an unofficial 1989 Cabel T-B side project which included many commentaries by Dino about previous recordings and broadcasts (originally made for his girlfriend at the time).  Other bonus tracks include the uncut and unreleased phone recording with "Dirty Devin" and "Wendy Cooper" that was made right before Cabel T-B's "Total Confusion 2: The Ray Ferry Controversy".

Overall, this recording was half and half, meaning half of it was "funny" and half of it "sucked", in my opinion.  I think they may have been trying too hard on this recording and it would have been more entertaining if they would have just done a regular 60 minute recording instead of trying to come up with an extra 30 minutes of "fillers".  I also get the impression that being stuck in that private school has made Dino lose his sense of direction with Cabel T-B (this will change as "The Great Rebellion of 89" is about to begin).  Cabel T-B obviously tried to make a new criteria with this recording by separating the material into 4 separate sections: "On Location", "Music", "Crank calls", and "Dramatics".  The problem is the overall production suffers as a result and what could have been a more successful recording becomes something more of a flop, in my opinion.  However, this is a mistake that will not be repeated as Cabel T-B will come back stronger than ever with a new series destine to lead them out of the darkness of too much organization and into the light of "Total Confusion".

"Total Confusion"
    This was the 8th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 8-8-89 and was completed on 8-17-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Total Confusion", subtitled "Subliminal Pervert", because of the unique recording style which used new "subliminally perverted" techniques.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first recording during "The Great Rebellion of 89" (this refers to the time period when Dino finally said "I can't take it anymore" which starts in the late summer of 1989 and doesn't end until mid December of that year), first taking most of his frustration out on "Ray Perry" for his role in forcing Dino to go to a private school (also Dino breaks up with his "private school" girlfriend who refused to join his rebellion and ending with running away from home before finally being allowed to return to public school, during the "teachers' strike" no less), first "Batman products" (eventually becoming a song on "Volume 30"), last "Kon-fu-f*ck-flick", and first appearance of "Wendy Cooper".  The recording begins with an infamous commercial for "Batman products" (*this is mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" in Chapter 6 "Genesis of The Rex Alliance"; this clip from this recording is included in the audio book versions produced in 2018) which was making fun of the fact that the movie "Batman" had WAY too much promotion and merchandising (as anyone who was around in that time period can testify).  Then Dino shows off his newly purchased keyboard and equipment with a musical intro to the "Pervert Zone", followed by "musical perversion".  As the "subliminal transmissions" begin, one is reminded of "Crazy Clips", but with the new equipment the recording style is simply smooth and hilarious, in my opinion.  Unlike the previous recording, these new recording techniques actually work well.  After hearing some more versions of the "Condom Song", an interview ensues with the surgeon general "C. Edvert Coop" himself.  Also, the funniest "American Fot house" commercial ever recorded is heard, among many other ridiculous advertisements.  To finish the first half off with a bang, the hilarious "Kon-fu-f*ck-flick 3" is now heard.  After almost falling out of my chair laughing, the second side starts with Cheeko and Dino introducing another "Blast from the past 1987" and a crank call session with Devin and Dino.  Then the recording winds down with Dino and Kelly setting up the next recording, "The Ray Ferry Controversy".  Finally, Dino ends the recording with the original classic "Interview with Ray Ferry".

Overall, this recording kicks ass!  Cabel T-B is now starting to use some more professional recording techniques, not to mention the material and performance is much better than the last recording.  From what I know of the time period, I can understand why things are getting better for Cabel T-B in general.  Having to take a summer job, Dino has decided to invest in some new equipment, which includes a sampling keyboard.  The decision to finally get the hell out of that "totally stuck-up" private school probably fueled his inspiration, taking Cabel T-B from the "brink of boredom" back into the "realm of coolness".  However, this recording is only part one of this amazing series.  The next part continues right where this one ends with "The Ray Ferry Controversy".

"Total Confusion 2"
    This was the 9th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 8-18-89 and was completed on 8-20-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Total Confusion 2", subtitled "The Ray Ferry Controversy", because it continues where the last recording ends and focuses mostly on Dino's plan to trick Ray into meeting him at the mall to settle the score, "man to ferry".  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first recording of "Shep's theme song" (used for many years to come), first official Howard as Shep's translator (also done for many years to come), and last recording with "Krazy Kelly" as a member of Cabel T-B (ironically it was also one of the best recordings with Kelly, ending her career with Cabel T-B on a big positive note).  In order to appreciate all the scheming that occurs in this recording, one must be aware of some important facts.  Ray Perry and Dino Duet were best friends from the end of the year 1985 (when they met at Evergreen) up until September 15, 1987 (the day Dino was expelled from Evergreen).  Ray ended this friendship by betraying Dino and getting him expelled from "Evergreen", which also forced Dino into a private school.  From that point on, Dino wanted to get him back, or at least kick his ass one time.  Many attempts were made to get even, all ending in Ray either hiding behind his parents or simply running away.  Ray's phone number was changed in late 1987 to an unlisted number, but Cabel T-B was somehow able to finally get the number two years later.  The goal then became to get Ray to think he was going to meet a chic somewhere and instead would finally meet Dino again face to face to answer for his betrayal.  What transpires instead is a true testament of Ray's cowardice and one of the funniest recordings in Cabel T-B history, in my opinion!  The recording begins with the hilarious "Shep's sports report" about the recordings you are about to hear.  After some advertisement from Fred and brief clips, some pre "controversy" footage is heard, including some "total confusion" interviews and plans with Devin, Dino, Wendy Cooper, and Kelly.  Then the "Ray Ferry Controversy" begins with Kelly calling Ray, pretending to be a girl with a crush on him named "Wendy Henderson".  After Ray gets all excited and says "Oh God, I've got groupies!", Dino and Kelly almost blow the whole scam by laughing their asses off on the phone.  Fortunately, Ray really thinks he is THAT attractive and does not make the connection that the girl he is talking to is the same girl he harassed on the phone just two years ago (which appeared on Cabel T-B's recording #12 "On Location"), Soon the date is set and, when off the phone, Dino and Kelly celebrate with a "victory speech" from the "Ray Ferry groupie" Krazy Kelly!  Wendy Cooper is then called making for more funny confusion as the plan gets more and more complicated.  Ray then has a friend call and cancel the date making Kelly refer to him now as the "chicken shit stupid fat ass fag".  If that isn't ridiculous enough, Ray gets on the phone with Wendy Cooper at the same time Kelly calls him as "Wendy Henderson".  With one Wendy on hold and the other crying, Ray becomes "totally confused".  He then makes many "promises" to Kelly, proving for all time what a cowardly liar he really is.  The recording then goes back and forth with more funny dialogue than I can possibly describe without this becoming a novel!  With a quote from Krazy Kelly "this is a good night in the history of Cabel T-B, one of the best," the recording winds down with the news that Ray chickens out, so Kelly calls him back and curses him out.  *This recording is mention in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" in chapter 7 "The Second Anniversary of The Gold Eagle".

Overall, this recording is one of the funniest Cabel T-B recordings I've ever heard.  Unlike Cabel T-B's "Still room for more!", this recording would have worked well on a 90 minute tape.  In fact, the 2002 CD version contains a special 11 minute "uncut" bonus track of Kelly's last call to Ray,  as well as a 79+ minute bonus CD!   With Dino's diabolical plan turning up more surprises than you can possibly imagine, it is like riding a roller coaster of laughs.  Not to mention, Dino and Kelly work well together one last time, which was a real treat to hear (Kelly moves to Norway shortly after this recording and still lives there to this day).  Although Dino's plan did not provide him with his hoped opportunity to kick Ray's ass, it did provide an element of revenge that was even better for Cabel T-B and us as fans, for Ray truly makes a complete fool of himself!  There was so much leftover footage that, during the 2002 tape to CD transfer, Cabel T-B actually made a bonus CD to go with this recording called "Ferry Footage".  It includes all the original recordings of "pre controversy" planning and all of the calls to Ray "uncut".  I can not stress enough how funny the "uncut" footage is.  For those who were fortunate enough to hear the original "cut" version, it is an enormous difference in experiences.  The bonus CD "Ferry Footage" is like listening to a lost Cabel T-B recording, as it is 79+ minutes of almost all phone recordings with Dino, Kelly, Devin, Wendy Cooper, and Ray with all the missing bits and pieces that would have made the "cut" version sound less rushed and more complete.  Not to mention, the "uncut" mall footage, which includes the never before heard call to Ray from the mall, is simply hilarious.  The bonus CD then ends with the "uncut" pre "last call to Ray" footage, with Dino and Kelly doing one of their funniest dialogues ever recorded, in my opinion.  All of the "uncut" footage barely fit on the 80 minute CD and was a shame it was never officially released, which is why I felt I had to make this unusually long review for this "Overall" section.  With the most complex recording of the "Total Confusion" series now complete, the final part of this amazing trilogy is about to begin with the intent to make you say "makes sense to me".

"Total Confusion 3"
    This was the 10th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 9-3-89 and was completed on 10-29-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Total Confusion 3", subtitled "Makes sense to me", because it continues where the last recording ends and focuses on ending this series by "making sense of it".  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first official Cabel T-B call to Ray Perry since 1987, last recordings of Ray Perry, first sport event with Cabel T-B members, and last recording with "Line-1" (from 1986-1989 "Line-1" was used in the production of 22 official Cabel T-B recordings and countless other unofficial Cabel T-B recordings like "The Jobe Zone" series; it died toward the end of this production, making it by far the most used piece of equipment in Cable T-B history!).  This recording begins with a brief intro by Dino and Devin, followed by the official call to Ray, finally revealing the "controversy" to him.  After learning that the whole "Wendy" date was a Cabel T-B plan to settle the score with him, Ray practically admits to Devin and Dino that he is a "pussy".  The recording then goes to a hilarious racket ball game in the "echo room" with Devin, Dino, Howard, and Jobe.  Then more witty dialogue with Dino and Devin, with a brief interrupting advertisement from Fred and "The Me & Dee rappers".  After a brief "Blast from the past", Devin and Dino do some more classic crank calls to finish the first side with nonstop laughs.  The second side continues with more all new and "best of 89" crank calls that brought me to tears from laughing so hard!  For a grand finally, Dino creates the infamous "Interview with Ray Ferry 2" (samples of the interview were used in both versions of the popular Cabel T-B song "I stole the key" in 1996 and 2003).  *This recording is mention in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART THREE: The End of The Gang Wars" in chapter 7 "The Second Anniversary of The Gold Eagle".

Overall, this recording wraps up the series in a way that seems appropriate, "it begins and ends with The Ferry".  Although the "Total Confusion" series did not start with the intent of being about "revenge", that is how it inevitable turned out.  However, the majority of this recording focused more on "crank calls" than anything else.  After the "official" call to Ray wrapped up "The Ray Ferry controversy", Devin and Dino go all out to make the most outrageous and creative "crank calls" to date!  Ending this recording with the now classic "Interview with Ray Ferry 2", the series as well as this period in Cabel T-B history comes to an end.  There is only one more Cabel T-B production made 1989, but it is another "greatest hits" with no new original material.

"Classic Clips: The Jobe Legacy"
    This was the 11th "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  The production began on 12-15-89 and was completed on 12-17-89 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Classic clips: The Jobe Legacy" because the entire recording is made from clips of Jobe's appearances in previous Cabel T-B recordings.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first Cabel T-B recording dedicated to a single Cabel T-B "character" (there would be another in 2002 for "Cheeko" called "Cheeko's Bar 1987-1991"), and first production to include a drawing of a Cabel T-B "character" (again there would be another drawing in 2002 for "Cheeko"),  This recording begins with a brief intro with Dino.  The rest of the recording is a collection of Jobe clips from his first appearance in 1987 on the recording "Electrical Difficulties" up until his appearance in 1989 on the recording "Total Confusion 3".  The Jobe appearances which were not included in the official 1989 release of this production were from "On Location 4 the sequel", "Halloween Special", "Extended session 2", and "Still room for more!".  However, Jobe's appearances from "Halloween Special" were included as "bonus tracks" on the 2002 CD version.

Overall, this recording was just another attempt to make a Cabel T-B "greatest hits" type recording.  It reminded me of the "Music Album 1983-1987", but instead of music it was Jobe's appearances, Warm-up drills, and adventures.  If you are a "Cerch Jobe" fan, this recording is for you!  I am also very impressed with the art and layout of this production which pays tribute to one of the funniest characters in Cabel T-B history!  Cabel T-B really did a good job on the look of both the cassette and CD versions, which both include a full color excerpt of Jobe from the "Cerch Jobe wanted poster" (which was drawn by Dirty Devin and later colorized and labeled by Dino).  However, perhaps the most interesting thing about this production was what was not included in the original 1989 release and in fact did not involve Jobe at all.  As with the last Cabel T-B recording of 1987, the 2002 CD version of this production includes a 79+ minute bonus CD, called "End of 1989", which contains enough original and unreleased 1989 footage it could be its own separate Cabel T-B production!  The bonus CD starts with a 2002 commentary from Dino telling you about the clips you are about to hear.  Then you get to hear the "uncut" TV clips from 1989, where most of the samples from the "Total Confusion" series were taken.  Next you hear Devin and Dino with some never before heard calls and comments which include the uncut recordings from September 1989 that were used in the song "Cabel T-Blues" in Cabel T-B's public album "Death Before Decency" in 2001.  Then some "special clips" are heard of recordings made in December of 1989 during the "final victory" of "The Great Rebellion", which includes trips to "Grand Isle" and "Baton Rouge".  The recording in Baton Rouge made on 12-28-89 is a lost piece of Cabel T-B history containing the last recording of Krazy Kelly (on the day before she became an official enemy of Cabel T-B) and the very drunk "Dinomite Dino", as they would butt heads and part ways for the last time.  From what I know of that night, there was a party to celebrate the "final victory" of "The Great Rebellion of 89" at Krazy Kelly's grandfather's house in Baton Rouge.  It ended with Kelly accusing Dino of stealing her grandfather's wallet (which got very ugly, involving threats to Dino) and after they found the wallet (in Kelly's grandfather's bedroom) they didn't even offer an apology for the false accusation.  Needless to say, this is when Kelly became an enemy of Cabel T-B.  Although the year 1989 had its bad points, the year as a whole was very productive for Cabel T-B (second only to 1987), with a total of 6 productions. With the "era of production" coming to an end with the "The Great Rebellion" and the year 1989, the final era now dawns with the next recording and "the return to radio".

"Total-pervert Broadcasting"
    This was the 18th official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  The recording began on 3-23-90 and was completed on 4-12-90 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Total-pervert Broadcasting" because this would be Cabel T-B's famous return to "radio broadcasting" since the last "sign off" in "Jumpin Back 2" 1988.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first recording in Cabel T-B's final era "The return to radio" (this era does not end, for Cabel T-B did radio broadcasts from now until the last recording in 2008), first recording to use "true stereo" equipment since "Jumpin Back" 1988, first commercial for "Cabel T-B pervert condoms" (done for many years), first "Joker's a doper" show (which also premiers new theme music) since "Hit list" 1985, first appearance of "Reverend Jimmy Swinger" (a new character that pops in and out for many years to come), first recording with Kelly as an enemy (now referred to as "Booger Jr.", being that her mom was called "Booger Wiper"), first recording of "Tieron's poetry moment" (different versions would be recorded for many years to come), and first "Cheeko's Abortion Clinic" (*although this was done as a joke, it was one of the main reasons why "Cheeko's Bar" was shut down and will be covered in the "Human Dinosaurs" book series in the final book "Rise and Fall of The Rex Alliance").  The recording begins with a brief intro from Dino giving you the "line up" just like old times.  Then the first commercial for "C.T-B pervert condoms" is now heard, starting an infamous advertising campaign that goes on for many years to come.  Immediately after, the first crank calls of 1990 are heard and Fred's famous game show "The Joker's a doper" makes its historic return!  After hearing the "classic call to Peking" (the longest and most outrageous crank call in Cabel T-B history) and another brief advertisement, a new "Warm-up drill" ensues called "Exercise with chicken McF*ckits" (this is also a reference to a Warm-up drill "on Debin Crawbaferbert" that Jobe talks about doing in "Crazy Clips #1", but never gets around to doing it until this recording; Devin was paddled at "Evergreen" in 1987 after being falsely accused of putting chicken nuggets all over Jobe's class room, which was actually done by Dino).  The second side starts off with the outrageous "special bulletin" involving news about Krazy Kelly who is now known as "Bugar Jr."  With a quick prayer from "Rev. Jimmy Swinger", the broadcast then switches over to "Tieron" with the first "Tieron's Poetry Moment" and a new edition of "The Pervert Zone" with Howard Badsmell.  The broadcast then winds down with a new "Shep's Sports Report" which mentions the upcoming "Fat Fest: title for king of cellulite" to be appearing in the next broadcast.

Overall, this recording is the "wake up call" that was needed to get Cabel T-B going back in the right direction by once again becoming a "radio station".  With Dino finally out of that "stuck up" private school and once again going to the same school as Devin, Cabel T-B has gotten back something it had lost.  This recording is also a major evolutionary step toward "modern Cabel" with the return of Fred's "Joker" shows, the introduction of "Cabel T-B Pervert Condoms", and the first appearance of "Rev. Jimmy Swinger".  Also, the use of stereo recording equipment and professional microphones makes this broadcast most refreshing!  I also found it very amusing that Jobe, after 3 years of talking about it, finally did a "warm-up drill" on "Debin Crawbaferbert" (Devin Crawford) called "Exercise with chicken McF*ckits".  However, this recording is just a "warm-up" for the next, for all that was planned for the broadcast could not fit on one 60 minute tape.  In many respects this recording is very similar to "Double Deca" (volume 1) because it too was produced back to back with its sister recording "#30".

"Volume 30"
    This was the 19th official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  The recording began on 4-12-90 (same day that recording #29 was completed!) and was completed on 6-1-90 at the Cabel T-B studio on 114 Wolff Parkway in Houma, Louisiana.  It is called "Volume 30" because this is Cabel T-B's 30th official recording!!!  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts and lasts include: first "King of cellulite" (done again in the next recording; was also the inspiration for a song in 1996 with the same title), first "Joker takes birth control" since "Out of it 2" 1986, first mention of "Ray Ferry Rub You Red Message Parlor" (later to become a commercial in the recording "Going down the toilet" in 1992), first appearance of "Jim Bob and T-Bob" (later to become the official singers of Cabel T-B from 1991-1993), first "Pervert Elite" show and song (it is also the first and last time you get to hear Devin and Dino sing together!), first recording of the classic song "The Dirty old bitch" (many versions would be recorded over the years with the last one appearing on "Double Deca: volume 1" in 2003), first and last "Top 5 with Jive", last and best "Crank Calls", last official broadcast with Dirty Devin (although he would make a cameo appearance in Cabel T-B's "Human Dinosaurs 3" in 2007), last recording on 114 Wolf Parkway (later to become a parking lot), and last Cabel T-B recording made while some members were still in high school.  The recording begins with another brief intro by Dino once again giving you "the line up".  After a brief message from "Jim Bob", the "Fat-fest: title for king of cellulite" begins live in the "Suuuper dome".  Apparently this is a fat contest between "Cerch Jobe" and "Booger Jr." which includes the ridiculous "challenge of chins".  The "sports event" is briefly interrupted by the prerecorded "Joker takes birth control" with Fred, Shep, and Cheeko to advertise Fred's Delivery Store.  After a "cellulite flash flood" abruptly ends the "fat-fest", a hilarious interview with Jobe ensues live on his "starship".  Then the corny "Pervert Elite" is heard and cut short by Dino who ends the first side with a quick advertisement.  After an overwhelming amount of promoting, preparation, and waiting, the outstanding and historic "Top 5 with Jive" finally begins with Weird Wonderful Wolfman Johnny (ironically, after 5 years since his first appearance this would be Wolfman Johnny's first DJ position with Cabel T-B, this great performance is also the reason why he was promoted to Dino's "assistant DJ" soon after and maintained that position all the way to the last Cabel T-B recording "Volume 50" in 2008).  The songs of the "Top 5" include the original cut version of "The Dirty Old Bitch", Me and Dee's "Light my fot", "The condom (song) mix", "Batman rules" (which has the voices of most of the Cabel T-B 1990 cast and crew), and "The Pervert Elite" (sung by Devin and Dino!).   Without warning, the broadcast then goes directly to Dino and Devin (Devin does an excellent editorial and intro that is simply hilarious!) to do the last crank call session in Cabel T-B history and finish off this historic recording with a "gut busting" bang!  This crank call session would include the innovative "3 in a row crank".  In my opinion, this is the funniest crank calls Devin and Dino have ever done and it is a shame they could not continue, for they had become true masters.

Overall, this is arguably the funniest Cabel T-B recording of the entire first 30 (Classics Collection) recordings.  It again reminded me of "Double Deca" in terms of this recording being like "volume 2" and the predecessor being like "volume 1".  One's appreciation of the recording is enriched by listening to "Total-pervert Broadcasting" first in the same way that one's appreciation of "Double Deca" (volume 2) is enriched by listening to "Double Deca" (volume 1) first.  In addition to this, the recording is a landmark for Cabel T-B in so many ways: this is the end of "Deca 3", this is the last Cabel T-B recording with Dirty Devin, this is the last recording made while Dino was still in high school, this is the last recording made on 114 Wolf Parkway, and this was Cabel T-B's last "unprofessional recording".  Combining the best elements of "The era of radio" and "The era of production" with "Total-pervert Broadcasting" and "Volume 30", Cabel T-B is now about to evolve into the Cabel T-B we will know and love in later years.  This will become known as we enter the new section known as "Deca 4", where Cabel T-B will continue to change, evolve, and eventually make it to record store shelves for the first time!



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