CABEL T-B 1987-1988
Recordings of "Deca 2" (11-20)

"Music Album 1983-1987"
    This was the second "production" recording for Cabel T-B and was more like a "greatest hits" rather than a "music album".  The production began in the summer of 1986 in the recording studio on 7 Gina street in Houma, Louisiana, but would not receive its extra ending until 1987 in the recording studio on 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Music Album 1983-1987" for obvious reasons.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape that was eventually filled completely.  This would also be the recording that took longer to make than any other recording made in the 80s; taking an entire year to produce.  Other firsts should now be mentioned: first attempt to make a "greatest hits" for Cabel T-B (ultimately to succeed in "Double Deca" in 2003 and was attempted again with "Quadraphony" in 2006), first attempt to make a "classic clips" type recording (later to succeed with "Classic Clips: The Jobe Legacy" in 1989 and "Cheeko's Bar 1987-1991" in 2002), and first mention of future Cabel T-B recordings; "Jobe Zone" tapes, and "special clips" tapes.  The recording begins with no introduction and instead proceeds to the clips from the "9 to 5" recording.  The recording continues in this manner with brief introductions to the later recordings made in 1984-1987.  Commentary is made here and there but nothing highly notable with the exception of the infamous controversy of what year was "9 to 5" recorded, which was ultimately determined to be late December 1983.  The recording ends with a commercial for the new Cabel T-B recordings known as the "On Location" series.  Also, an announcement is made about a  future second music album, but it would eventually not be produced.

Overall, this recording had the right idea but in the wrong place and time.  The original concept was to make one recording with the best elements from 1983-1985.  It was quickly discovered that this recording would not be nearly long enough with just those recordings, forcing this production to include recordings from 1986-1987.  With this production constantly being put off, in hopes of more material to become available, the line had finally been drawn with the completion of "Electrical Difficulties".  The recording then finally finds its place in history as Cabel T-B's classic clips of "Deca 1" (first ten recordings).  To put it in a historical perspective, this is Dino's little experiment that really adds nothing to Cabel T-B except perhaps the fact that it makes an interesting buffer for what is to come.  Listening to this recording gives you the musical highlights of the first 10 recordings without having to listen to all of them.  It does make the transition easier to understand and cope with as Cabel T-B begins its huge "On Location" series which brings back Kelly and introduces all new characters and adventures outside of the radio station.

"On Location"
    This was the tenth official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  It was mostly recorded on the night of 3-7-87 and includes the last recordings made at 7 Gina street in Houma, Louisiana, but was not fully completed and produced until after the move to the new studio on 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "On Location" because most of the broadcast occurs outside the radio station.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape and it was filled completely.   The most important first is the fact that this would be the first Cabel T-B broadcast outside the radio station (although there was a brief recording in "Special First" that takes place in the bedroom of Stacy Roth's house, that was not an official "broadcast").  However, other firsts must also be mentioned: first recording produced on 202 Fairlane Drive (many more would follow very quickly; a grand total of 9), first recording of the new series known as the "On Location series", first broadcast from the "Southland Mall", first "Exlax commercial", first "action theme" (used on many future recordings), first appearance of "Live Lee", first appearance of "Dr. Ruth", first appearance of "James Brown", first appearance of "Howard Badsmell" (eventually becoming a legendary guest star), first "Pervert Zone", first "death of Kelly" (unfortunately/fortunately she won't stay dead), and first appearance of "Ronny" (that's me, I was president of Cabel T-B from 1982 until 1-1-1989 12:00 a.m. and then again from 2004-2008).  The broadcast begins with "Howard Badsmell" live at the "Southland Mall" with "Radical Ray", "Live Lee", "Krazy Kelly", and "Mad Madonna".  Later, joined by "Dinomite Dino", "Cheeko", "James Brown", "Dr. Ruth", "Cerch Jobe", "Wolfman Johnny", and "Fabulous Fred".  Adventures in the mall include pissing over stalls, getting busted looking at nude art books, as well as bouncing food all over the "Chick-fil-A".  The broadcast then goes back to the radio station with Ray on the phone and Kelly being tortured, as well as torturing.  The recording ends as Dino and Ray enter the "Plaza cinema 4" to broadcast live watching "Nightmare on Elm street 3" (this would be the first recordings made after the move to the new studio).  *Some of this recording is mentioned in the book "Human Dinosaurs PART ONE: The Tales of Mitch".

Overall, this recording is enjoyable with the exception of the boring arcade scenes in "The Swamp".  The "Cabel T-B brothers", having already been officially formed a month before, work well together with witty dialogue and good zany interaction.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said of "Krazy Kelly" and "Mad Madonna" who contributed next to nothing in this recording.  In fact, you can not even tell the two apart.  However, it was good to hear the "death of Kelly", even though she seems to find her way back on Cabel T-B like a wart you just can't get rid of.  By far, this recording had more characters than any other broadcast up to this point.  However, one Cabel T-B brother, "Dirty Devin", couldn't make it for this historic broadcast, but soon his presence shall be made known as the series continues.

"On Location 2"
    This was the eleventh official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  The recording began on 3-21-87 and was completed on 3-30-87 at the new radio station on 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "On Location 2" because most of the broadcast occurs outside the radio station and it continues where the last broadcast ends.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first broadcast at movie theater, first and only recording of all 4 "Cabel T-B brothers" together at the same time (it was rare to even get three), first recording at "Evergreen Junior High", first "Ignorant Hugo's penile repair shop", first appearance of "Dirty Devin" (later to become Dino's right hand man for many recordings), first appearance of "Tieron", and first mention of "Melancon" (ultimate enemy of Cabel T-B for many years, arrested cast and crew in 1998 and later tried again in 2008!).  The broadcast begins with Dino and Ray live from the "Plaza cinema 4" at the beginning of the showing of "Nightmare on Elm street 3", later dubbed "The killer dilldoes".  The witty dialogue and perverted commentary exchange is hilarious (a style that later became legendary in the "Crazy Clips" series).  After the movie, the broadcast shifts into catch-up mode, as the first broadcast at "Evergreen Jr. High" on 2-20-87 is now heard.  Then follows classic phone calls, originally recorded on 7 Gina Street in Houma, Louisiana, with "Dr. Ruth" and the Cabel T-B cast and crew from the "trailer" days.  Then suddenly Dino is suspended from "Evergreen" (for an unbelievable amount of things) by Melancon, who confiscates "line 1" forcing Cabel T-B to use older broadcasting equipment that was used to produce "Music Album 1983-1987".  Soon after, Fred "liberates" the equipment from Melancon only to find out that "line 1" is now broken.  A technician know as "Tieron" is then called in to repair it and gets hired on as a "new stage hand" by "MAC" (Tieron appears sporadically in Cabel T-B recordings starting with this recording in 1987 and is last heard in "Volume 40" in 1998).  The broadcast ends with Dino thanking the fans for making 1987 the best year yet for Cabel T-B.  *Some of this recording is mentioned in the book "Human Dinosaurs PART ONE: The Tales of Mitch" as Cassie is literally listening to part of a Cabel T-B broadcast and mentions the upcoming plan for Cabel T-B to broadcast live at the theater during the showing of "Nightmare on Elm Street 3" in Chapter 15 "The Showdown with Bulldog".

Overall, this recording is the most evolutionary of the "On Location" series.  Not only is the material sharp and witty from the get go, the wind down at the end is also good as the new characters begin to expand their personalities.  The introduction to the new radio station on "202 Fairlane Drive" is also important, as there will be many famous and infamous recordings made there.  Also, the incident with "Melancon" sets the stage for many years to come, as he would become Cabel T-B's ultimate adversary.  It is also mentioned that "Cerch Jobe" was partly responsible for getting Dino in trouble in the first place, setting the stage for a "back and forth" conflict between "Jobe" and Cabel T-B that would never really end. (all incidents, including this one, are mentioned in "Double Deca")  Even the infamous "Cerch Jobe wanted poster" (created by "Dirty Devin") is mentioned, which was posted at "Evergreen", as well as the Cabel T-B radio station. (it would also be posted in the recording studio on "200 Wingfield Drive in Houma, Louisiana" from 2002-2008)  All of these events would lead to the outrageous adventures to follow in the third part of the series stretching all the way through the summer of 1987.

"On Location 3"
    This was the twelfth official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording was produced in the summer of 1987 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "On Location 3" because most of the broadcast occurs outside the radio station and it continues where the last broadcast ends.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first time Ray is referred to as "The Ferry" (although he was once called "Ray Ferry", in a friendly manner, at one point in "On Location 2", this is the first time he is called by his detrimental title "The Ferry" and he will be called that many times in future recordings; at this point in history Dino and Ray start having a falling out due to the NARC job Ray did to Dino involving stolen locks at "Evergreen JR. High" resulting in Dino's brief CDU experience in Lafayette, LA, thus this title eventually becomes his name!), first mention of Kelly's "resurrection" (she says "hi" and that's about it), first appearance of Live Lee's cousin "Vond" (an extra that only does cameos and is not heard from again outside of 1987), first and last recording in "Bayou Blue" (in the home of Dino's oldest brother "John Duet"), first live broadcast on "Jobe's starship" (the skit was called the "Starship Council", this versions of this skit would be done again in 1998 on "Volume 40", and again in 2003 on "Double Deca"), first appearance of Dino's brother "Jack Duet" since the "Special First" recording in 1982 (now known as "Crappy Jack"), and first appearance of "Dopey" (*this character is mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" in Chapter 04 "The Return to Cheeko's Bar").  The broadcast begins with "Tieron" still working on "Line 1".  It is eventually repaired and the recording then takes off with a quick call to "Ray" and another trip to the mall.  What is not mentioned in any great detail is the fact that Ray got Dino in trouble in May at "Evergreen", once again involving "Melancon" and an unofficial suspension with a trip to a CDU!  Eventually Ray was forgiven but was now referred to as "The Ferry" from this point on.   Ray's appearance at the mall would include a poor performance, as well as a constant attempt by Dino to interview him about his new recording project that was suppose to be like Cabel T-B (apparently called "Line 1").  Fortunately, the second trip to the mall would not include Ray and instead would include the new "Fatrolls rap song" as well as witty commentary from "Live Lee" on "The Ferry".  Then the recording shifts into high gear with a live broadcast from Jobe's starship doing the first "Starship Council", followed by the drunken interview with "Crappy Jack" at "Lynette Heights" in "Bayou Blue".  After a brief phone call with Jobe, the broadcast then winds down with two recordings at "Evergreen" with "Dopey" and several other Cabel T-B characters.

Overall, this recording is the most confusing and fast paced of the "On Location" series.  It not only visits the most places in a single recording, but it also goes back and forth through time enough to make your head spin!  Although the recording begins in the summer of 1987, it ends with previously unreleased recordings made months before during the last days of school in May.  Much of the recording is patched together from several different broadcasts, for example the interview with Crappy Jack was originally a recording from an "Out of it 3" broadcast which was never completed and was instead absorbed into this "On Location 3" recording.  To fill the tape, unreleased recordings were also taken from "The Jobe Zone" series, which was an unofficial Cabel T-B side project.  With the end of the school year 1986-87, this recording would become one of the last of its kind, leading up to the dramatic conclusion to Cabel T-B's longest consecutive series.

"On Location 4 the sequel"
    This was the thirteenth official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 9-1-87 and was completed on 9-16-87 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "On Location 4 the sequel" because it continues where the last broadcast ends and it is the last of the series. (making it officially the longest "consecutive" series in Cabel T-B history)  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first broadcast of Ray's recording project (the "rip off" of Cabel T-B mentioned in "On Location 3"), first and last recording during Dino's 9th grade year at "Evergreen" (which only lasted exactly 17 days), first appearance of "Ricky Clark", first and last appearance of "Lonie Stone" (star of "The Jobe Zone" series), first mention of "The Hairies" (unofficially ran for student council at "Evergreen" for the school year of 1987-1988 and received at least one vote from Dino!), and first "National Nuke Day" (the only official Cabel T-B holiday).  The broadcast begins with a hint of what's to come (including the announcement of the first recording of the "Crazy Clips" series now being produced), mentioning the betrayal of Ray "The Ferry" but not coming out and saying it just yet.  Then the "rip off" recording made by Ray is broadcasted with the Cabel T-B response to that recording, which is sponsored by "Ronny" (me) who only paid $2.00 a person to do (I personally showed up at the studio during the recording to tell Dino just to piss him off, hehe).  Soon after, the shocking news of Dino's expulsion is announced!!!  What is not mentioned in any great detail is the fact that Dino's expulsion is the direct result of Ray working with "Melancon", almost like a "sting operation".  The recording then gets very confusing as it flashes back to "Evergreen" with the last recordings of Ray, Devin, and Dino before the imminent expulsion.  Then live at the mall with Live Lee and Dino doing many versions of the "Fatrolls Rap Song" (later to become legendary samples to be used in other songs for years to come).  Then the broadcast ends on 9-16-87 with the "all star" celebration of "National Nuke Day", the official Cabel T-B holiday in celebration of Ray Perry (The Ferry) being officially kicked out of the Cabel T-B cast and crew permanently!  The majority of Dino's collection of approximately 18 Nukes (picture taken in the summer of 1987), that were still located in the recording studio, were deployed on that day in the wooded area behind the recording studio (this does not include one nuke hidden in the office of "Melancon" on 9-15-87, and doesn't count the few that were hidden in a "secret locker" at Evergreen nor does it count the ones used during the 17 days Dino was at Evergreen in the school year of 1987-1988).  Also, an historic side note: the unbroken nukes used during this recording were not discovered until the early 90s' and were thought to be "toxic chemicals" and reported to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the  DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and was reported to have been in "The Houma Daily Courier" describing the nukes as "Mysterious bottles found"!

Overall, this recording ends the series in a honorable and enjoyable way.  Although the production is obviously affected by Dino's abrupt expulsion, it still manages to finish this historic series without so much as a pause in its steady pace to the inevitable end.  However, the recording is not without flaws.  For example: the use of clips from "Crazy Clips #1" (which began production the day before "On Location 4" officially ends) as a filler for side one of this recording is inappropriate.  However, the ending with "National Nuke Day" more than makes up for the unnecessary fillers.  Listening to Dino, Fred, Wolfman, and Howard bussing nukes to honor Ray's dishonorable discharge from Cabel T-B is a real treat (Dino believed that since Ray knew about his "nuke collection" he felt he had to get rid of the entire collection that day in case Ray told anyone about it).  Finally completing this historic series under extraordinary circumstances seems to be a catalyst for Dino's "decent into madness", which will become infamous in the next recording.

"Crazy Clips #1"
    This was the third "production" recording for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 9-15-87 and was completed on 9-25-87 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Crazy Clips #1" (subtitled "A diary of a couch potato gone mad") because of the unique recording style used and because it was predetermined to be "#1" in a new series. (in fact the series would go up to #5 before it finally ended ten years later!)  It was recorded on a 60 minute chrome tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first recording in the new series known as the "Crazy Clips" series, first official recording with a "subtitle" (many more would follow, mostly in "Deca 3"), first and only complete recording made during the expulsion period (although technically "On Location 4" was completed during this period, 80% of it was recorded "pre expulsion"), first appearance of "Freddy Cougar" (with the exception of a brief appearance in "Halloween Special", "Freddy Cougar" would only appear in the "Crazy Clips" series), first "Freddy and Jobe adventures" (again with the exception of "Halloween Special" which only included some "smack talk" from the two characters, "Freddy and Jobe adventures" are unique to the "Crazy Clips" series), first "fot session" (later to become a tradition), and first recording of infamous song "The Condom Song" (later a popular techno version was made for "Double Deca").  The recording begins with no introduction and instead proceeds to clips of the television show "The new Hollywood Squares".  It continues with more TV clips from different shows and commercials.  Eventually a "news flash" about Ray Perry and a surprise appearance by Ricky Clark pushes the recording into the fast lane, with "electrically difficulties" and "On Location 2" style "cut downs" and the official declaration of Dino's expulsion from Evergreen.  Toward the end of side 1, the recording begins to get violently perverted and graphic as the "Adventures of Jobe and Freddy" put a new meaning to the word "revenge".  "Melancon" and "The Ferry" become targets for some of the most outrageous, perverted, "controversial" fantasy torture, and murder ever imagined.  The recording goes from the crazy TV clips, to commercials, to interviews, to adventures, and back again.  It ends very much as it began with Dino recording crazy TV clips with comments from "The Throne".  *Some of this recording is mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle".

Overall, this recording is quite possibly the most "infamous and controversial" recording ever made by Cabel T-B up to this point.  Although fast paced and incredibly funny, it is also a huge flying leap to the wild side!  The perverted style humor made famous at the movies in "On Location 2" is taken to an extreme by "Freddy" and "Jobe", while Dino makes a "blow by blow" description of the carnage.  Some of the recording is so outrageously ridiculous one could almost die laughing, but if the recording is taken literally one could assume Dino belongs behind bars or in a mental institution!  Even though it is incredibly controversial, this recording is in Dino's "top five" all time favorite Cabel T-B recordings, along with, "Out of it", "Electrical Difficulties", "Phoenix Erectus", and "Double Deca" (volume 2), with "Crazy Clips #5" being arguably tied with this recording, being that a large portion of this recording is included with the best parts of the entire "Crazy Clips" series in "Crazy Clips #5".  There was also a "bonus CD" included with the 2002 CD version of this recording called "Special Clips" which contains all the unreleased and uncut "crazy style" clips and recordings made right before and during the expulsion (Dino finished one of his unreleased "Special Clips" tapes the day of his expulsion just to "tie up loose ends", along with finishing "On Location 4" on 9-16-87).  The impact on Cabel T-B's overall evolution was small, but clips from this production continued to be used years later on songs like "Critical Thinking" in "Double Deca".  That is probably the closest you will get to hearing this production, being that the series is banned from the public by Dino due to its controversial content.  With the expulsion period ending shortly after this production, Cabel T-B struggles to renew its former pace with the next all new broadcast.

"Trippin Live"
    This was the fourteenth official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 10-10-87 and was completed on 10-31-87 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Trippin Live" because the beginning of the broadcast involved "tripping out", but other than that it has no meaning.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first mention of the "coca condom" (later to become a classic mentioned for years to come), first mention of "Joey Duplantis" (*not to be confused with the original silent partner of Fred in 1984 who is no longer around, he is  mentioned as the fastest of Fred's deliverers but is not the same Joey mentioned in the "Human Dinosaurs" book series), first mention of "Me and Dee", (later to become the infamous rap group of Cabel T-B) and first "Crank Calls" (later to become infamous in the recordings of "Deca 3").  The recording begins with another live broadcast from the mall with Lee and Dino sucking on helium balloons making a new sound to the "Fatrolls" song.  It drags along until Fred appears to advertise his new products, which include the famous "coca condom".  Then back to the radio station with so many "delays" they had a sponsor "Me and Dee oyster bar".  Although it is mentioned that the broadcast is going to go live at "Evergreen" with Dirty Devin, this does not happen.  Instead we get "Perversion Hour", "The Pervert Zone", and "Ray Perry's suspension tape" (the "suspension tape" was made by Ray during Dino and Ray's mutual suspension from 3-27-87 through 4-2-87; Ray told Dino he didn't want it made public, thus Dino made if very public).  After being almost bored to death, the recording winds down with some hilarious "crank calls" with Devin and Dino, as well as the announcement of the upcoming "Halloween Special" recording.

Overall, this recording was very lame.  Although it had its funny moments at the end of both sides, the majority of the recording was very confusing.  Dino now having to attend private school probably had a lot to do with it.  Not mention, with Ray's betrayal we see the end of the "Cabel T-B brothers" and now see Dino trying to keep "the ship" afloat and get revenge at the same time.  Unfortunately, this strategy does not work in my opinion, for the broadcast of "Ray's suspension tape" just proved how untalented Ray really was (that just makes the listener suffer, not Ray; who simply tries to sound like the drunk kid from "Weird Science" and failing miserably).  We also begin to see the widening differences between Dino and Lee, but at the same time we get to see some good work done toward the end with Dino and Devin.  This would be a window into the future, as Lee is destine to leave Cabel T-B and Devin is destine to become Dino's new "right hand man".  This recording ends on the same day that the next one begins, it is Halloween 1987 and time to end Cabel T-B's most historic production year to date with one last classic broadcast!

"Halloween Special"
    This was the 15th official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 10-31-87 and was completed on 11-24-87 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Halloween Special" because the majority of the recording is of the broadcast on Halloween 1987.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first and only recording done on Halloween, first and only appearance of "Freddy Cougar" outside of the "Crazy Clips" series, first visit to Cheeko's Bar (*mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" in Chapter 4 "The Return to Cheeko's Bar"; the characters actually enter the bar shortly after Cabel T-B did a live broadcast there), first appearance of the "Me and Dee rappers" (would appear sporadically in other recordings up until 2003), and first "top ten" done since "Electrical Difficulties"!  The recording begins in early morning hours on Halloween with Dino and other members of the cast and crew introducing the broadcast with "special effects" provided by Ray Perry (the tape was given to Dino by Ray long before the expulsion in 1986).  After being almost bored to tears by the relentless corny Halloween crap, the recording then shifts gears with commercials of Fred and his drugs, as well as the first live broadcasts from Cheeko's Bar, and the announcement of imminent Jobe and Freddy Halloween adventures.  Unfortunately, the recording does not actually include the adventures themselves and Fred does not actually appear at the Cabel T-B radio station for the entire broadcast (*however, Fred does appear at Cheeko's Bar in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" on this date in Chapter 4 "The Return to Cheeko's Bar").  There is also the announcement of the hurricane "Fagga beffe" passing through causing havoc to the electrical equipment.  Later with fot sessions and more Cheeko's Bar footage, a top ten ensues.  The recording then ends with Jobe and Freddy's final comments and Dino (knowing that this would be the last recording made in 1987) once again thanking the fans for making 1987 the most important year in Cabel T-B history.  *Some of this broadcast is mentioned in the audio book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" as the broadcast itself (not the recording) becomes part of the plot in Chapter 3 "The Birth of The Gold Eagle" and Chapter 4 "The Return to Cheeko's Bar".

Overall, this recording is a suitable end to the longest and most prosperous year in Cabel T-B history (1987).  This recording was like a cross between "Electrical Difficulties" and "Crazy Clips #1" with a Halloween twist.  Unfortunately, the first 14 minutes is very corny, concentrating too much on the Halloween sounds.  However, once you get passed that, the recording gets very entertaining with the visits to Cheeko's Bar and the broadcast of one of the best "top tens" up to this point.  With "The Condom Song" and the "Fatrolls 3" song in the #2 and #1 positions, it brings a perspective to how far Cabel T-B has come since its first top ten in 1983.  Also, the 2002 CD version contains a bonus CD called "End of 1987" which contains 75+ minutes of mostly "uncut" 1987 recordings which includes: "Last day of school 1987", "Dino's music 8" (special clips), "phone messages 1987" (summer), "Angel Live" (best of), and "Sports Corner" (November 1987).  Most of the footage from the bonus CD was never used on any official 1987 Cabel T-B release for one reason or another.  The most regrettable loss from Cabel T-B history on the bonus CD was the historically significant "Sports Corner", which was hosted by "Shep German" and "Howard Badsmell".  "Sports Corner", which included the first unofficial "Howard as Shep's translator", would have undoubtedly become part of a new Cabel T-B recording in 1987, but one was not in production at the time so the clips were unfortunately forgotten until the 2002 review.  With 1987 now officially over with this recording, Cabel T-B would take an extended break and not broadcast again until April 1988, when once again the radio station tries desperately to find its way back to what it had when it was strong and popular, in this case by "jumpin back".

"Jumpin Back"
    This was the 16th official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 4-20-88 and was completed on 6-4-88 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Jumpin Back" because the main focus of the broadcast is lost recordings from 1987.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first "true stereo" recording since 1985, and first mention of a relationship between "Dirty Devin" and "Krazy Kelly". This recording begins in a different part of the radio station which has new and more sophisticated equipment.  After a brief intro, it switches back to the same old 1987 equipment for some short calls with Devin and TV clips.  Then for no logical reason whatsoever, Dino broadcasts some clips from a message to Devin made by Kelly's friend.  We are saved from terminal boredom by a live broadcast from "Evergreen", but it is too brief.  On the second half, the tape is almost completely filled with nonstop highlights of a "lost On Location" recording (made at the mall the weekend after the first "On Location" recording in 1987; originally to be part of "On Location 2" but the recording was determined to be "not interesting enough" to be included). *Some of this recording is mentioned in the book "Human Dinosaurs PART TWO: Rise of The Gold Eagle" in Chapter 12 "Cat's Meow".

Overall, this recording was unbelievably dull.  From what I understand of the time period, I can understand why.  With Dino's time almost entirely consumed by his new girlfriend, Dirty Devin dating Krazy Kelly, and Live Lee no longer making regular appearances, one can begin to fathom the lack of good inspiration.  So although the recording starts off promising, the entirely too long "lost On Location" clips make the recording give you that "I guess you had to be there" feeling.  It sounds to me like those clips could have been really funny to watch on television, but having only the audio and your imagination is simply not enough to make it interesting in my opinion.  It also makes you realize why the recordings were "lost" in the first place; they simply weren't funny enough to be on an official Cabel T-B 1987 release.  With the sponsors "Cheeko's Bar" and "Fred's Delivery Store" not doing well financially, this obvious bomb of a recording, and the loss of interest from the fans being the catalysts, Cabel T-B is going off the air after just one more famous broadcast.

"Jumpin Back 2"
    This was the 17th official radio broadcast for Cabel T-B.  This recording began on 7-2-88 and was completed on 7-3-88 at 202 Fairlane Drive in Gray, Louisiana.  It is called "Jumpin Back 2" because it has many clips from 1987 and it continues where the last recording left off.  It was recorded on a 60 minute tape, which was filled completely.  The firsts include: first keyboard playing by Dino (later to become the official keyboard player of Cabel T-B), first announcement of Cabel T-B going off the air (it was actually predicted accurately during the broadcast by Dino that Cabel T-B would be off the air for 2 years!), and first appearance of "Melancon" in person (doing a tribute to the school announcements from the early Evergreen days; this would also be the first and ONLY time Melancon appears on Cabel T-B in a friendly manner)!  The recording begins just like the last one in the new section of the radio station, with Dino making the startling announcement of Cabel T-B going off the air!  The primary reason mentioned is that the cast and crew are splitting up (Howard Badsmell calls it a "short of hands"), then other reasons are brought up, but the main reasons I've already mention in the story for the previous recording.  Then a tribute to "Evergreen" is performed, followed by an all new version of the "Fatrolls" song.  Soon after, a lost clip is heard of the never before released broadcast from "the can" at "Evergreen Jr. High" with "Howard Badsmell", "Dynomite Dino", "Dirty Devin", "Ronny Raphter" (me), and "Ray Perry".  This clip was dug up from one of the unreleased recordings of Cabel T-B's side project "The Jobe Zone" series recording #3, "The Perverts Showdown with Piglips", from 3-19-87. *This date is very important for the "Human Dinosaurs" book series, being that three chapters are dedicated to this date.  In "The Tales of Mitch" Chapter 15 "The Showdown with Bulldog", the character Cassie Belier is actually listing to this broadcast from her "Walkman" while cutting gym class at the exact moment of that broadcast on 3-19-87 at 12:37 p.m.!  However, as it continues through the beginning of the second side with comments from Howard about Dino's announcement, a quick top ten then ensues.  After flying through mostly "Out of it 2" clips, the recording then goes out with an all star bang!  After Fred announces his "going out of business sale" and Wolfman announces he is going to Bermuda with Shep, one's heart just gets heavy with the feeling that this is the last time you will hear Cabel T-B (thank God it wasn't!).  Also, not mentioned in any great detail was the fact that "Dirty Devin" was also planning on moving to Baton Rouge, LA (later the plan was canceled, to the great relief of Dino and Cabel T-B history!).  This official sign off is perhaps one of the best endings Cabel T-B has ever recorded, as Dino, Fred, Wolfman, Shep, Cheeko, Howard, Tieron, MAC, Jobe, and Ronny (me) all make an appearance.  The cast and crew then evacuate the radio station, quickly cramming into Fred's Suburban (*same vehicle mentioned throughout the "Human Dinosaurs" book series) destine for the unknown future.

Overall, this recording is a very good way to end "Deca 2".  Unlike the predecessor, this recording was quite funny and at the end down right hilarious!  With Jobe forcing Cabel T-B off the air a little earlier than planned, you get a better appreciation of the "on going war" with Jobe mentioned in "Double Deca".  Not to mention, the electrifying performance of Jobe leaves the listener gasping for air from laughing so hard!  With "Deca 2" now finished and the radio station now off the air, a "new era" in Cabel T-B history is about to begin.  This new era, which would include "The Great Rebellion of 89", would become known as "The Era of Production".


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