(song lyrics from the self titled debut album)

01. Avenger

Give your pain to me, I absorb your sorrow.
I do claim to be avenger of tomorrow.
In the end to see, crucified I borrow.
Your cost, my loss, is free.

Blessed agony, I become the message.
Truth is irony, fight for the right of wreckage.
Hell I bring to thee, die by my hand in passage.
You paid, I'm laid (to rest), they see.

Vengeance is the key, Avenger has a moral.
Live to die for thee, the blood drenched lowly corporal.
The battle won indeed, a legend for the hopeful.
Honor you, martyr me, history.
Die, revenge is mine!!!!!

02. I come for you (Wolfer's song)

I, the one to choose and the pawn to use.
Would you like to play "I'll take you life away"?
My master sets me free and I'll joyfully
spill your blood until I think my soul is filled,
but it is gone.  I know no wrong.

I come for you!
Sick 'em boy, woof woof.

I hunt for free, it's a part of me.
The fear I get from you, like a dog I drool.
My master says OK, I end your life today.
Like a starving beast, your death becomes my feast,
but I want more.  I don't keep score.

I come for you!
Sick 'em boy, woof woof.

You did no wrong, it's the same old song.
You start to pray, I kill you anyway.
My master says that's good, just like I knew he would.
I fill up with a grin and then begin again.
I pay no cost.  My soul is lost.

I come for you!
Sick 'em boy, woof woof.

03. My Blade (Blade's song)

"Cassie Belier, advocate of offence and offense, code name: Blade"

Beauty and the beast wrapped in one.  Hard core and more lethal than a gun.
Cynical, belying, total bitch.  Good or evil, who knows which is which?
My hateful little sister likes to fight.  Vengeful scores and blood flows from her knife.
Her love of life was lost so long ago.  She lives to die for me and that I know.

Love, pain, to her it's all the same.  Lies made die by her blade.

She is mine, as I am hers, in fate.  We were killed, but saved in holy wake.
Eye for her eye, blood will flow.  Die for a die, her afterglow.
We, as one, fight to kill and save the future victims of our lost crusade.
Her eyebrow arched, she grins for all to know as I command the end and final blow.

Hate, joy, to her will just annoy.  Pride saved dies by her blade.

Enemies of honor have to puke for destiny that martyred us a Duke.
The empty lies abundant, in disguise, have crossed the path of righteous and must die.
In love with death, our beauty Blade will strike, my admiration for her style alike.
My sister is as one with cold steel!  I pity the poor souls who have to feel...

Loss, gain, has driven her insane.  Truth gave, paid by her blade, my lovely Blade.
Paid by my Blade.....

04. The day after I died (Rex's song)

It came to me today, the fear I went astray.
The old days gone away, things I did not do.
I searched inside my soul, feeling far too old.
I saw a child in gold saying "do what you want to".

Although it came to me, alas it can not be.
My kind heart beating free is the sacrifice I need to make.

Then I feel the chill, my kindness is the kill.
Far from feeling ill, I wake up a new man.
Although I'm not dead from the hole that's in my head.
I plan revenge instead, what I couldn't I now can.

Although he killed in me my yearning for a peace,
I found my destiny to fight and kill the beast today.

I meet my friends again, same subject to the sin.
I lead them now to win, take back the life lost.
We march to do the deed, sprouted from death seed.
Our enemies that bleed repay the price cost.

Although we came to thee, a peace just can not be.
I have learned today there is but one wrong way, "don't pay".....

05. I deny (Ferry's song)

I deny everything.
What I say is true, for you I try to screw.  Evil one I pray, advance my life with pay.
In you I find a fool and likewise are my tool.  For justice I will say "I take your life away".

My friendships I destroy. You loyalty's my toy.
I don't think I'm ill, but I guess I never will.

What you see is real.  All you have, I steal.  A legend in my mind relieves me of my crime.
My word I gave to you I break in more than two.  I so love myself, I kill you for my wealth.

The stories I say, they save me today.
I don't play I kill, but I guess I never will.

In the end I see no real reality.  My friendship was a joke.  In all the lies, I choke.
The judgment drawing near, my feelings are so queer.  I don't love myself, but I deny bad health.

All, but me, I blame.  I am not insane.
I never pay my bill and I guess I never will.
I deny everything.....

06. My Love, lives (Cat's song)

From the ashes of her death, wait now hold your breath, the damsel in distress is she.
Raped and thrown aside, her virtue is denied.  Her vengeance shall reply through me.

Together, as one, we will join.  Death to those bought with coin
and they will say we must forgive, but not while my Love lives.

She fights like a cat, they envy at that.  Her loyalty to one, in love.
She waits for a date and kills for the fate with power she got from above.

The graces of God on her side, she fights for love she can't hide.
Tearing my heart from my ribs, but not while my Love lives.

In love, for her I would die.  Her love for me is her pride.
In the end we'll forgive, but not while our love lives.....

07. The Duce (Duce's song)

It's all too easy...

I am the Duce and I am the duke.  I'm the envy of all that should be.
I make the law the infamous paw.  The Wolf gang I lead in obscenity.
You die for my life.  You die for my life!
You bastard...

I make it true with the ego of two.  What I say goes or I turn up my nose.
I'm better than you.  The truth you can't prove.  I rule you today.  I was born that way.
You fake while I rape.  You fake while I rape!
You slut...

Have you the proof I bury the truth?  I'll kill you today until me you pray.
We'll howl at the moon with my silver spoon.  Our destiny's paid.  For free, I get laid.
You pay when I say and I say now!!!!!

08. Doogie (Doogie's song)

Defend it right.  Hold me tonight.  Don't let them in.  For you, I sin.
There is no pain while we remain.  You precious one, let's have some fun.

Though the truth is long, I see no wrong.  Ours is the bond that is gone.
In reality you are one with me, but the part I'll never know, Doogie.

Now we fight.  I hold you tight.  My innocence helps your defense.
The battle's hard.  Our souls are scarred.  The joy we win is lost again and again and again.

Our bond within, it makes us like kin.  You defend us all until we win.
For the cause we meet, we defy defeat, but the love I do not show Doogie.

For the love we share in truth can it bare losses of blood from the tare?
In reality something has died in me, my heart that can not grow for Doogie.

09. The blood song (Diegon's song)

"Blood from blood for blood...and it begins again..."

I am tore from a whore.  Honor to me is loss.
I come to thee for to feed, sacrilege to the cross.
I don't think.  Your blood, I drink.  An animal in my heart.
On fear, I dine.  I beat your mind.  I strike at you from the dark!

Bleed for me.  Bleed to see.
I live to hurt you.  I taunt and curse too.
Bleed and be.  Bleed on your knees.
My vengeful crown of thorn, I hate that I was born.

What is yours* I want, of course.  My envy knows no bounds.
For what I take is your mistake.  You scream such lovely sounds.
Your suffering, my empty thing rejoices at your defeat.
My empty eyes bring you surprise.  The pain I ingest like meat.

Bleed for me.  Bleed to see.
I live only to scorn.  You pay cause I was born.
Bleed and be.  Bleed on your knees.
The one I can't forgive everyday I live.

There is no end for what I send.  I want your blood just like mine.
I sold my soul to Hell I'm told and yet I'm feeling just fine!
As antiChrist, I give advice to hate and hurt everyone
and while I live I won't forgive.  This war will always go on!

Bleed for me.  Bleed to see.
I live to see you die.  I love to see you cry.
Bleed and be.  Bleed on your knees.
The reason why I live is what I can't forgive!!!!!

* The first 1000 CDs pressed have this as "your" instead of "yours".  The typo was not noticed until after the first pressing began.

10. Heal me (the suffering of Mitch Lord)

Loss, blame, intimations gain.  Love came and yet I feel the same.
Friends knew my happiness in bloom.  Hope stay, eliminate this pain.

No you mother don't take it away!
No you mother don't take it away!
Who do I have to kill so that I can stay?
Go you mother!  Don't take me away!
No, not again...

Heal me.
Choice, choose, loss of all I knew.  Home, play, change from day to day.
Friends new, reality's not true.  Hope came, acceptance of my blame.

No you mother don't take it away!
No you mother don't take it away!
Who do I have to kill so that I can stay?
Go you mother!  Don't take me away!
No, not again...

Heal me.
Pain, lies, tare me from inside.  Home insane, I have no one to blame.
Life wrong, those I love are gone.  Loss stay, I've learned to love this pain.

No you mother don't take it away!
No you mother don't take it away!
Who do I have to kill so that I can stay?
Go you mother!  Don't take me away!
No!  No!  No!  No, you mother don't take me away!
No, not again!!!!!

11. Blaze (Joey's song)

Let them burn!

Born in Hell, wildfire.  To burn, my one desire.
My love is loss and known.  The streets become my home.
My foes look down on me, heart filled hypocrisy.
Much too late to learn, their homes are mine to burn!

So let them burn!

In the smoke I breathe I find the life I need.
For those who hate me most, I turn them all to toast.
My friends do often cheer.  We celebrate with beer.
The wake of fear in turn spreads like their lies that burn.

So let them burn!

They laugh at me, accept me not, although I have more than they've got.
They spit at me and wonder why I burn their homes to watch them fry...

I will light the flame, for life makes me insane.
My friends will see the way, "better to burn than fade".
Although destine to fall, avengers will I call.
In a blaze I'll burn, but in ways I will return.

So let them burn!
My pyromania breeds hysteria!!!!!

12. Deadly politics (The gang wars)

I am the one they will toast
as my enemies give up the ghost.
My fantasy life would appear
as real as the fight drawing near.
Choosing my side is a must,
lest destiny turn you to dust.
My money and power is the key.
We're better than all they will see.
Die for me!

With black hearts we will charge.
We'll feed off their blood till we starve.
Bring them down one at a time.
We always out number the mind.
Their money and power won't save
the society we make a slave.
We take all they have and rejoice,
and we make them speak with our voice.
Die for me!

All that we have we must use
if we'll ever stop this abuse.
Avengers we all must remain,
lest we lose all that we gain.
It's time to answer the call
and martyrs we are if we fall.
Honor and truth will prevail
if those left behind tell the tale.
Die for me!!!!!

13. In the name of good

The good die young, always painful.
Die by the gun, melees, greed tool.
My life I fear, evil blood sea
for those still here.  Free will takes me.

And will you cheer for me killing?
Bloodlust hold dear, morally chilling.
For they must die, vengeance from me.
I love this lie, penitence foresee.

Why can't I die?  Fortune hates me,
for now I cry "Lord soon make free
all good I know which hides inside.
Please free my soul, it defies the lie".

For suffering makes me stronger.
I kill the king and see longer.
The powers that be die by my hand.
In agony they cry but understand.....

14. The Weight

Why can't I split the rent?  Your beast ain't heaven sent
and when I close my eyes she creeps inside my mind.
The crap that I've endured comes from your "live-in whore".
The bitch can do no wrong.  Why can't she just stay gone?

This sucks, cold fate, ten tons the weight!

Disgustingly consumed, our happiness is doomed.
A wolf in sheep's clothing empowered with loathing,
and fat she grows with fear when knowing her draws near.
Her evil way is run, then back to you she comes.

Bull mistake compounds the weight!

And in the end we find she lived only to dine.
By feasting on our souls she grows fatter and old.
The bitch that did no wrong will find she suffers long.
The "live-in whore" will fade.  In Hell she will be paid.

Time's up!  Your fate released the weight!!!!!

©2007 Boneman Records. All rights reserved


The following are brief main character summaries from the book "Human Dinosaurs: The gang wars" in the order that they appear in the songs of this album.  (warning this could contain spoilers for the book!)

Wolfer:  Mysterious henchman of Duce, Wolfer can appear in the most unlikely places.  Known for his intimidating appearance, he executes his master's orders with barbaric precession leaving little chance of survival for the victim.  Thinking of himself as a Wolf, Wolfer's love of carnage and violence is unparalleled as he attacks with only the haunting phrase "I come for you" as any warning.  Always accompanied by fellow members of Wolf gang, he leads them in assaults ordered by Duce so that he never gets his hands dirty.  Wolfer is built like a body builder and is rarely matched in strength by his victims.  Wolfer's combat skills are polished by his extensive experience with hand to hand fighting going back to early childhood.  He is second only to Duce in rank as a member of Wolf gang.

Blade (Cassie Belier):  Considering herself the "blade of Rex", Blade is metaphorically the right hand of Rex.  Although very beautiful in appearance, her beauty is belied by her rude attitude and abrasive disposition.  Blade projects to all that she is a hate filled, cold, and inconsiderate person who can not be trusted and has no heart.  However, in reality she is actually a very sensitive and caring person who always keeps her word.  Rarely letting anyone get close to her, Blade has only a handful of friends.  She serves Rex as his "Advocate of offence and offense", often carrying out the most violent of his commands with glee.  Armed with an arsenal of deadly weapons, she is unpredictable in fighting style which is often dictated to her by her own moods.  Rex feels for Blade as he would a sister, but their bonds are clearly more than can be simply explained.  Having her right eye lost to Wolfer in battle, she considers him an ultimate nemesis.  She also feels responsible for Rex's mental condition and feels she must offer her life to him as penitence.  Her loyalty to Rex is that of a dog willing to sacrifice herself to protect her master.  Although ready to kill at a moments notice, she always fights with a sense of vengeance in her mind, never killing unless commanded to by Rex himself.  With her violent upbringing and the deaths of friends imbedded in her mind, her hatred and abrasive attitude is paralleled only by her loyalty and since of honor.  She is built like an amazon standing at 6 foot and is often described as such by her peers.  In many ways she is a "bitch" and proclaims to be proud of it!

Rex (Mitch Lord):  The intimidating and enigmatic founder and leader of The Gold Eagle, Rex is as unpredictable as he is brilliant.  An ordinary boy before his transformation, he proclaims to be reborn as "The Rex" after recovering from a near fatal shot to the head by Wolfer.  Claiming to be on a mission from God himself, Rex considers himself the "mind" of a great and talented offspring of the gang known as the "Eagles".  Forming from only a chosen few, Rex creates a new gang in the mists of a violent gang war that threatens to tare his small hometown apart.  Vengeance motivating his every decision, Rex leads his new little gang to victory after victory against the overwhelming might of the powerful Wolf gang.  Drawing power from within, he proclaims the power of the "Mind's Eye" above all things.  A creed of "loyalty unto death" is instilled into his followers as well as a sense of honor.  Always accompanied by his "Love" Cat and his fierce warrior Blade, Rex considers himself protected by a "sword" and "shield" for which not even the strongest enemy can defeat.  Rex rarely has to attack his enemies personally, but possesses skills that no one can seem to fathom.  Often unable to control his emotions, Rex is prone to outbursts and can behave violently at any given moment.  Quoting Bible scriptures at the drop of a hat and being able to recite history as if he wrote it himself is not uncommon behavior for Rex.  Of all his mental abilities the one that is perhaps the strongest is the one he can not control.  Rex is known for knowing things far in advance, but is rarely able to explain things properly or even know how he knows such things at all.  He would gladly give his life for his friends and expects no less from them.

Ferry:  Once the best friend of Mitch Lord, Ferry is considered one of the worst back stabbers* that ever lived.  Perhaps the one most responsible for the situation that turns Mitch into Rex, Ferry is known as the Judas of this story.  His longing to be something he is not drives him to betrayal and eventually makes him a nemesis to Rex.  Ferry's fighting skills are nonexistent, relying on his cunning and diabolical ways to keep himself out of potentially violent situations.  Ferry's ability to manipulate people and deny everything with a straight face has made him legendary.  His diabolical brilliance is only paralleled by his ability to run and hide.  Although he seeks revenge on Ferry, Rex often finds Ferry's elusiveness beyond the abilities of the entire Gold Eagle.  Ferry longs to be a member of Wolf gang, but his overweight appearance and nerdy personality thwarts his efforts.

* The first 1000 CDs pressed have this as "stabber" instead of "stabbers".  The typo was not noticed until after the first pressing began.

Cat:  Having the reflexes of a cat earns her the title of "Advocate of defense" in The Gold Eagle.  Although her loyalties are often questioned by her arch rival Blade, Cat has become metaphorically Rex's left hand and is constantly by his side.  Having drifted from the Eagles to Wolf gang and back again, Cat is always in a position of having to prove herself worthy of being in The Gold Eagle.  Having been raped by Duce, Cat longs for vengeance and joins The Gold Eagle with great enthusiasm.  Having been saved by Rex from most certain death makes her loyalty to him unwavering.  Cat would protect Rex unto death without any hesitation.  Having escaped death more than once, Rex recognizes Cat as being protected by God himself.  Although she appears to have almost miraculous skills in combat, Cat rarely pats herself on the back and seems unaware that she has any special gifts at all.  Cat's fighting skills border on the supernatural, having the unique ability to predict her opponents moves before they are able to execute them.  Standing at 5 foot 3, her appearance is not very intimidating which often leads her opponent prone to underestimating her in combat.  Cat uses this to her advantage often ending a fight before it can even start.  She also enjoys taunting an opponent which usually results in the opponent striking first out of anger and making a fatal mistake.  Rex rarely calls Cat by her name and instead refers to her as "My Love", often having his violent mood swings tempered by a simple whisper of her soft raspy voice.

Duce:  The undisputed leader and founder of the notorious "Wolf gang", Duce enjoys his power and demands obedience from his followers.  Duce comes from a wealthy family and controls most of the "powers that be" with his family name.  Capable of committing acts of violence with little concern of consequence, Duce and his Wolf gang operate with absolute impunity.  Duce never attacks personally, but has an arsenal of guns to supply his followers with and a formidable lair that is considered unpenetrable.  Duce's power is only paralleled by his ego, which Rex refers to as the "ego of two".

Doogie:  Once the girlfriend of Mitch Lord before his transformation, Doogie is a spirited defensive fighter.  Having an abrasive attitude, she is referred to fondly by Blade.  Often mentioned to Rex by Blade as an excellent replacement for Cat, Doogie's status always remains in question.  Rex considers Doogie a failure as he assigns partial blame to her for his condition.  Doogie is left as an outsider for which Rex wants no part of, though as Mitch he did have a certain affection for her.  Doogie occasionally helps in the efforts of The Gold Eagle in spite of the fact she is destine to never be worthy to join their ranks.

Diegon:  Cold blooded, blood thirsty, and animalistic in nature, Diegon is the undisputed leader of the widely feared "Blood Dragons".  Taking great pleasure in inflicting pain on his enemies, he fights with no sense of honor or mercy.  Known to torture and rape his enemies, Diegon instills fear in his opponents often stealing from them after they have fallen.  Having no sense of family and lack of any sense of civility, Diegon and his Blood Dragons are shunned and avoided by the other gangs.  Attacking both the Eagles and Wolf gang when ever an opportunity arises, no one turns their back when they are present.  Known for ganging up on a single individual makes rival gangs move about in packs to avoid attack.  Diegon's hatred of those outside of the Blood Dragons is only matched by his lack of humanity and intelligence.  Built like a large savage barbarian, Diegon is feared by all, even his own gang members.  His fighting skills are primitive, but his strength and speed make him a formidable advisory.  Having no fear of death or pain, Diegon fights fiercely but never fairly.  Leading the gang with the highest numbers, Diegon believes himself to be the one wining the gang wars, but his lack of leadership skills often show as his followers run from battles against a skilled enemy.

Blaze (Joey):  One of the strongest and most daring leaders of the Eagles, Blaze is considered the single greatest threat by Duce before the existence of The Gold Eagle.  Blaze is a pyromaniac, taking pleasure in burning things that belong to his enemies including their houses.  Admired greatly by Mitch Lord, Blaze's fiery spirit is an inspiration to all of his friends.  Coming from a wealthy family, Blaze attracts the attention of Duce but is rejected by the Wolf gang because of his wild nature and refusal to disassociate from the Eagles.  Blaze's unpredictable strategies border on the insane, often finding himself fighting battles relentlessly even when completely outnumbered by the enemy.  Blaze's fighting skills reflect his inner turmoil often stripping an opponent's resolve with his audacious offensive tactics.  Yearning to go out in a "blaze of glory", Blaze's actions are sometimes foolhardy and often end in his hospitalization, arrest, or expulsion from school.

©2007 Boneman Records. All rights reserved

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