Dungeon Games' Cell
These were the games you would have found in The Dungeon at "Creole Lanes" as of  9-16-06:
(all these games have been removed and some are for sale now as of 12-12-14)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3                                                   Jack-Bot

Killer Instinct 2                                                 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

The Comet                                                   The House of the Dead 3

Killer Instinct                                                 The House of The Dead 2

Lord of the rings                                                   Cruis'n World (4-Play head to head)

Soul Calibur 2                                                            Tekken 3

Tekken Tag Tournament                                                    Ultracade

The X Files                                                Marvel vs Capcom 2

The House of the Dead                                           Mortal Kombat 2

            Blitz 2000 Gold Edition/NBA showtime (4 player)                          Cruis'n USA (head 2 head)

Invasion                                                                 Pump it up

Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga                                             Mortal Kombat 4


These are the "Dungeon Games" you will find in "Crowley's Pub" at Creole Lanes

Ms. Pac-man/Galaga cocktail table

Scorpion                                              Medieval Madness                                                                 Centipede