The Dungeon Warriors' Cell
These were the Warriors of "The Dungeon"!  Last update: 2-25-16

Group picture taken on 9-17-97 (includes Dr. Jay, Tony D., IDL, MacGyver, Dungeon Master, Candyman, and Coach)

Dino Duet (Dungeon Master)                             Danny Thibodeaux (Coach)

Ryan Bourgeois (MacGyver)                                   Jason Pellegrin (Dr. Jay)

Eric Candies (Candyman)                                Sean Candies (Imperial Dark Lord)

Will Lucas                                     William McCormick (Ware Will)

Robby Thomas (RAT)                                                 Wister Hill

Zack Jones                                                           Tom Muilenburg

Josh Kidwell (Joshubiche)                                            Mary Muilenburg (Hurricane Mary)

Group picture taken in 1998 (includes IDL, Coach, Candyman, and Dungeon Master)