Candyman's Cell
Pictures and memories of one of the greatest Dungeon Warriors of all time...
"Eric Candies" also known as "Candyman"
Last update: 8-28-06

(1996) IDL, Candyman, and Coach as Coach dares to challenge Candyman on UMK3.

(1996) IDL, Candyman, and Logan among others during The Dungeon War Gods Tournament on August 28

(1996) Candyman after becoming the first "Dungeon Champion"

(1997) Candyman September 17.                           MacGyver, Candyman, and Coach.

(1997) Group picture with Candyman.                      The proud Dungeon Champion Candyman.

(1998) Candyman at the Dungeon Tournament August 5.

(1998) IDL, Coach, Candyman, and DM.               Group at Dino's Bar & Grill with Candyman.

(2000) Candyman in "disguise" at The Dungeon

Candyman at The Dungeon Tournament 2000, August 23

Candyman, IDL, and Coach at the tournament table during break time

Candyman, IDL, Coach, and DM in The Dungeon during tournament play

Candyman as he makes his "Current Champion" speech

Candyman proclaims as the current champion:  "you aint not playin, so you have to play"

ZBJ, Coach, and Candyman during the last few breaks in the tournament