Cabel T-B "Forever Green"

The following record review was taken word for word from the record review published in G.A.S.P. magazine by "Deane Beman" on June 17, 1993.

Every now and again I hear something that is so out of the ordinary that it is a refreshing change from what is an otherwise mediocre music scene.  Cabel T-B is such a band.  With tunes such as "Pervert Man", "Pervert Condom", "My Boner", and "Sweet Puntang", it does not take too long to find out why T-B stands for "Totally Banned!"

Cabel T-B is the masterpiece of Dino Duet and William McCormick.  The music contained within the hard plastic casing is a tribute to Reese Rabalais, described by the band as "a true pervert and friend."  (Reese passed away in late 1991.)

The album is set up as if you were watching a really strange cable channel, with the usual "black hole" between the songs being replaced by commercials for truly insane products and services and a pleading from a television evangelist.

So what's the music like?  If you cross Spinal Tap with a Flock of Seagulls, you'll be close.  Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this while you still can.


Deane Beman
G.A.S.P. magazine

(copy of the actual article as it appeared in "G.A.S.P." magazine)