The Dungeon makes history with Mortal Kombat 4 in 1998

Last update: 2-19-16

    Although The Dungeon had purchased and installed a Mortal Kombat 4 machine on 9-13-97, it wasn't fully updated to "Revison 3" until 2-2-98.  Up until that point, The Dungeon had not been know for finding secrets or "fatalities" at all, but on the night the new chips were first installed, two new fatalites were discovered by Dungeon regular "Danny Thibodeaux", also known as "Coach".  From that point on, The Dungeon had been put on the map, later to become world famous, as more "Revison 3" fatalites were discovered in The Dungeon than anywhere else in the world!  Having said all that, I will now list the fatalities and dates they were discovered, as well as pictures from the time period, and let the history speak for itself...

The fatalities and dates discovered in The Dungeon game room

2-2-98 (the day "Revision 3" was installed in The Dungeon) = Coach discovers 2 fatalities (Tanya and Sub-Zero)

2-8-98 = IDL discovers Kai fatality

2-28-98 = 3 pit fatalities discovered by Dungeon Master (Kai, Jax, and Johnny Cage)

3-1-98 = Shinnok's pit fatality discovered by Coach and Dungeon Master

3-12-98 = IDL discovers Shinnok's fatality

3-24-98 (3:00 p.m.) = Dungeon Master discovers Fujin's pit fatality

4-15-98 (1:15 p.m.) = IDL discovers Reptile's fatality

     IDL        Coach       Candyman    Dungeon Master

                                                                           (Sean Candies)         (Danny Thibodeaux)              (Eric Candies)                             (Dino Duet)